2017 Travel – to be continued..

Obviously as you can see in the title, This is my 2017 Adventure.

My travels begin on July 6, 2017

📍Sacramento, California to San Francisco, California

Partner in crime(no real crime involved): Michael (my cousin) and me. The reason why my cousin and I are so close is because we grew up together in the same household. He is basically my older brother. (:

Some of you may know that Sacramento to San Francisco is a 2 hour car ride. The mistake my cousin and I made was that we wanted to take a plane ride. We waited 3 HOURS at the airport for a 30 MINUTE plane ride.. we obviously did not think that through.

img_3254After waiting 3 hours in the Sacramento airport and a 30 minute plane ride. We finally arrive in

📍San Francisco, California July 6, 2017


We are both pretty exhausted from waiting so much. Our arrival time in San francisco was around 7:40am. Fast Forwarding to 11:45am. We are now boarding the airplane.

Our next destination: 📍San Francisco to Tokyo, Japan July 6, 2017

This is business class. I was shocked that we rode on a new airplane, still United airlines, just different seating. My seat was basically a bed and very spacious !

Before boarding the plane I started to feel sick, that’s probably why I wasn’t smiling. I was happy and nauseous.


In business class going to Japan, you have the option to have an American style dinner and breakfast course or a Japanese style course. I ended up getting the Japanese style dinner and breakfast. img_3259-1

In this dinner, we have Chicken katsu, oyster sauce, and broccoli over rice. One fruit bowl, edamame seaweed salad, orange juice, fresh bread ( on the way) and one blueberry greek yogurt. I was too sick and exhausted that I forgot to take a photo of the breakfast.

Fast forwarding to 2:35pm We are now landing in

📍Tokyo, Japan. July 7, 2017

Since it is now lunch time, we decided to get ramen! Typical, but oh so yummy! We also needed soup because we had major jet lag.img_3642As you can tell I was pretty excited being in Japan again. Around this time I could finally eat because I’m not on the airplane. Excuse the ugly face, ha-ha.img_3641img_3643I posted this picture on my Instagram, if you would like to follow me. My Ig is: @alowrahpassionimg_3277After we ate, we did some shopping. One thing I love about shopping in Japan is that they have a Duty free! Meaning there is NO TAX, so we went off. Almost bought everything, but we needed to save for the rest of the trip! Michael was buying gift for people back home and stuff for himself.


I just bought a few things that I found cute and yummy ! Tokyo Banana, Totoro fan, and Matcha Royce.img_3273-1

Fast forwarding

Since our trip to Japan was pretty short, we are now going to

📍Tokyo, Japan to Tumon, Guam

This is where the fun begins!


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