Concerts- To be continued…

These probably won't be in order, but I will try my best.

Usually every time I go to a concert, I love going with my cousins.

This particular show we went to was a J BOOG Concert; since being from Guam, we all love listening to reggae music. J BOOG is one of my favorite artist.

📍ACE of SPADES – Sacramento, California February 19, 2017

img_0934Before the show started, we all decided to have dinner. It felt nice having most of my cousins be at this concert. I was enjoying every moment of that night. I was surrounded by wonderful family members and amazing food haha. Just great vibes all around.

Hmm. I am not sure what this is called. This is a poke salad??? nacho-??? something like that. At that point it didn't matter to me because I was super hungry and wanted to eat..who wouldn't? LOOK HOW YUMMY THIS LOOKS! Of course thats not all we ate, I just forgot to take pictures.


After finishing out wonderful dinner. We waited in a looooong line in the cold, but let me tell you..IT WAS WORTH IT!…

Now we are in the small venue of Ace of Spades. I give this place 10/10. Just amazing.

NOW ITS SHOW TIME! Of course I didn't want to have my phone out the entire concert so I only took a video of the most popular song. That song is 'Let's do it again' by Jboog.



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