•late night thoughts..turn to every second of the day•

Words can’t describe how I’ve been feeling lately, but I’m giving this one last try. My mind has been all over the place.. if I could find a word

it would be “lost” or may be “confused” I have no idea. I don’t feel the same anymore.

..everything seems as if my world has fallen apart into millions of pieces. I try to put it together with positive thoughts&actions. Nothing is working. I pick up my act and venture out to something new .. once again things are getting broken into trillions of pieces..

because of this .. it makes me want to be alone and not do anything. I try for a better future, but I’m being held back and I’m being suffocated from the past…

They say to move on…it’s just ..not that simple.

You want to move on ,but you know that deep down something is always going to be there.. yes, I can and will move on eventually.. I just won’t be able to forget what happened.. if we forget what happens we won’t learn from the mistakes .. but if you don’t forget you are still haunted by that pain .. I don’t know .. I’m just lost. Silence is all I want.


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